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Meet our
Founder & Director 

He started his medical journey after completing his MD in Paediatrics in 1997. Thereafter, he worked for 3 years as a senior registrar in the most premium paediatric institutes of India and learnt to manage ill babies and children in most critical situations.

On 3rd July 2002, he started 'Aastha Children Hospital' with a commitment to provide exceptional services at affordable costs to sick babies and children to make us one of the most trusted Paediatric Hospitals in not only Nagpur but in whole Central India.


For me, Paediatrics has always about been wholistic healthcare of the child and the mother, right from conception until the child is 18 years old! It is a great responsibility, but a greater gift to be capable & equipped. In addition to being a medical practitioner, a Paediatrician is an educator and has a critical role to build healthy children in society. 

All his life, he has committed himself to provide quality services at affordable costs to children and pregnant mothers, ensuring their physical growth, intellectual development and nutritional status are highly optimised too. My services include Primary, Preventive, Curative, Nutritional and Educational health services to both - 'Mother and Child.'

A healthy child contributes to society in a positive way and helps in nation-building and I intend to create a strong nation.

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