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In India, more than 50% of young children are suffering from malnutrition which causes reduced physical growth and cognitive development which ultimately leads to poor school performance and sometimes disease. Surprisingly, even children from well-to-do families are also malnourished. The major reason for this is not due to scarcity of food or resources, but because of inadequate knowledge of parents about the right and balanced diet.

We are Central India’s first Child Nutrition Clinic that offers diet counselling for newborn children till they are 18 years of age!

Facilities in our centre

0-2 years

Breastfeeding guidance and support

Mother Breastfeeding Baby
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2-10 years

Child Diet counselling

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6 months - 2 years

Complementary feeding counselling

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10-18 years

Adolescent diet counselling

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why nutrition is important during adolescence ?

  • To meet the demand of physical and cognitive growth and development

  • This period is the last opportunity to cover the deficiencies of childhood 

  • To provide adequate store of energy for illness and pregnancy

  • To prevent anaemia & other vitamin/mineral deficiencies &  build skeletal mass

  • To prevent the adult onset of nutritional related disease like diabetes, hypertension, obesity etc

  • To encourage healthy eating habits & lifestyle

What are the consequences of inappropriate diet during adolescence?

  • Underweight, stunting (slow linear growth)

  • Reduced intellectual capacity, lack of  concentration, poor learning, poor memory

  • Reduced school performance, depression, irritability & recurrent headache

  • Anaemia, fatigue, poor bone growth, obesity, eating disorders

  • Constipation, abdominal pain, a consistent pattern of poor diet habits

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