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We offer a wide range of services & expert advice which help to ensure that your baby will achieve his/her full potential & become a healthy & happy child.

A child's foundation in the first five years is the reason for the critical elements of physical, emotional, cognitive and mental growth and development along with the language, communication and other walks of life makes the child a healthy adult.

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Services under the centre


Complete head-to-toe examination and anthropometric measurement of newborn baby.


Weight, height, head circumference measurement at regular intervals & plotting on growth chart.


Proper assessment of motor development, speech, behaviour, vision and hearing



Screening test for generic, metabolic, hormonal

& haematological disorders


Immunisation to protect against

vaccine-preventable diseases


Complementary feeding counselling

for healthy eating habits


Why my child's nutrition, growth & development counselling is required ?

The first two years of life is characterised by rapid physical growth & brain development and also lay a strong foundation for future health. At birth, the brain is the only organ not fully developed and 85% of critical brain development occurs in the first two years of life and build a foundation for future learning, health & life success. 

We as parents must ensure that our child's brain and body grow & blossom to their full potential. Any lack of physical growth and brain development leads to irreversible life-long consequences.

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