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Central India's most
Experienced, Trusted & Affordable NICU 

Aastha is having 15 bedded fully equipped neonatal tertiary care unit. We have the experience to handle high-risk term and preterm babies of all gestational age and offer various intensive care services including neonatal transport, CPAP, conventional high-frequency ventilation, parental nutrition, invasive and non-invasive, monitoring, central line, phototherapy, exchange transfusion, peritoneal dialysis, and functional echocardiography.  

The NICU Unit is supported by various disciplines including bedside X-ray, 24-hour laboratory, neonatal surgical specialist, paediatric ophthalmology, paediatric endocrinology, and paediatric cardiology.  

Our NICU Approach

NICU approach at Aastha Children Hospital, Nagpur is simple, feasible, non-invasive resulting in the improvement in intact survival and reduced hospital stay.

Breastfeeding focused approach

Follow-up care
& assessment

Aggressive nutrition policy

Good long-term

Non-invasive approach

Intact survival
of the baby

quality care

Early Discharge

Our NICU Facilities

The NICU at Aastha Children Hospital, Nagpur is equipped with all kinds of Invasive & non-invasive respiratory support including CPAP, high flow nasal cannula therapy with fisher packer air VO2 machine, 3 conventional ventilators & 1 high-frequency ventilator with all monitoring systems.

A neonatologist, resident house officer, paediatric house officer and trained neonatal nurses are available 24 hours in the hospital.

Our NICU Outcome

In last 19 years, we have treated more than 15,000 babies successfully. Our outcome is comparable to that of the top centres of NICU in India. Our unit has set a benchmark in ensuring survival of extremely premature babies.


Our pride lies in successfully treating the case of a premature baby of just

490 grams born at 26 weeks. 

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