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Dr. Khapekar's First 1000 days of Child Wellness

The first 1000 days of a child (270 days of pregnancy + 365 days of child's first year + 365 days of child second year) is the most crucial period of his life. The brain development & physical growth is very rapid, early metabolic programming of the body is completed & the foundation of optimum health, growth and brain development across the life span is established which also impacts a child's ability to grow, learn and thrive.

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Do You Know ?

Many types of research have shown that reduced growth and development in the first 1000 days of life have a long term irreversible impact on a baby's life; including stunted growth, underweight, obesity, poor cognitive development leading to poor school performance, behavioral problems, defects in social skills, high risk of hypertension, diabetes and poor adult health.


India is facing a double burden of malnutrition at one end one in three children are stunted, underweight, 40-60% of them are anaemic and more than 30% are overweight. According to recent data, around 50% of children are very poor in school performance, the major reason behind that is because of poor nutrition & care during the first 1000 days of life leading to inadequate growth & development.

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Our solution

Every child deserves a chance to reach his or her potential. Every parent wants their baby who comes in this world to develop good physical health & intellectual capacity to achieve all that is possible ability to earn more than their parent have a healthier family.

If we want to shape the future of child, to truly improve the India, we have 1000 days to do it, mother by mother, child by child. For what happens in those 1000 days through pregnancy to second birthday determine to a large extent the course of a child's life, his or her ability to grow, learn, walk, succeed and by extension, the long-term health, stability & prosperity of the society in which that child lives.



We know the future health & illness of child are unavoidable if the child is give the good nutrition, preventive & curative care during the first 1000 days of life. 

Medical Checkup


Health assessment, counselling,

dietary advice for successful pregnancy


Pregnancy care, counselling,

dietary advice to optimise pregnancy outcome


Newborn care &

breastfeeding counselling & guidance

Prenancy in White
Mother Breastfeeding Baby


Complementary feeding counselling,

diet counselling & guidance to parents

to optimise the growth & development of children

Feeding the Toddler
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